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Global Bridge Holdings: Testimonials

Global Bridge Holdings
Rated: 5 Stars By 10 Users

Global Bridge Holdings: Additional Reviews:
“I am from Canada and was looking to buy Beach Home in Florida and didn’t realize how messed up your banking system is in the States. I qualify traditionally, but the Flood Insurance Premium was ridiculous! My Realtor introduced me to Mike Conlon and his Private Equity Fund. He informed me they didn’t require Flood Insurance and could close in as little as 10 days!

I am happy to report that my wife and I got the Beach Home we wanted and were able to close with Michael. I will be referring alot more Canucks to Global Bridge Holdings.”

Grant and Olivia Wilson
Ontario, Canada

“I recently attended a Seminar in Tampa and met a guy that was quite contrarian to any of the other Foreclosure Specialists or Attorney’s I’ve met. Mike Conlon said they are a “Foreclosure Offense” Firm and they sue the Banks and Lenders on behalf of Homeowners that have wrongfully had their home foreclosed on due to all of the fraud that occurred. He had a unique approach, interesting strategy and was getting results and favorable outcomes for his clients. I decided to pursue the options of suing my Lender and based on the findings of Global Bridge Holdings Audit that was performed my Lender caved in and offered us a loan below market rate and reduced our principal!! It makes sense as Mike said” it’s all about leverage and we had facts on our side” Big Thanks to Mike and his Team!!

I will highly recommend you to my future clients.”

Kyle and Beth Singleton
Atlanta, GA

“Thank you so much for stepping in with your private financing and saving the sale on 15715 Gulf Blvd in Redington Beach.”

“You did an exceptional job in a very short period of time - 2 weeks is amazing!!! I am very grateful to you and I am so pleased to recommend you to anyone looking for private financing. I am confident we will have many more transactions in the future.”

Dania P.
#1 Waterfront/Residential Realtor in Tampa Bay
With over 125 million in luxury real estate sold 2011-2012
Tampa, FL

“It was a pleasure doing business with you on the loan for the property in Redington Beach, FL. I appreciated your quick turnaround time on the Buyer's Approval and the processing of their loan, something that is almost unheard of these days. I was confident that once my buyers were approved, the funds would be there as promised on closing day. I certainly enjoyed working with a Private Money Lender versus a Traditional Lender.

I will highly recommend you to my future clients.”

Marianne H.
Realty Concepts
Tampa, FL

“I hired Mike Conlon of Global Bridge Holdings to help my husband and myself out with our Foreclosure. We are originally from the Phillipines and felt like our Bank had no patience with our language barrier,etc.. We were afraid of losing our home. Mike was extremely patient with us,very thorough, knowledgable and empathetic with our culture. He was able to have one of his lead negotiators get us a principal reduction and reduce our interest rate. I have referred him to a number of people in my Community of which he’s been able to help. He has a good puso (heart)”

“Salamat” - Thank you
Anita and David M.
Riverview, FL

“I was introduced to Mr. Conlon at a Charity Event, he was speaking passionately about how Banks weren’t operating on a level playing field and not working on behalf of clients. Well, let me tell you when I heard this our situation was very similar; we’d unsuccessfully worked with our Bank for two years trying to get a Modification. He told us not to waste our time,it doesn’t benefit you and the Bank has no incentive to modify your loan. He then suggested a private fund that was buying homes in a pool of loans based on our current market value. We applied and although the process took almost 10 months, our loan was adjusted at 4% fixed interest rate and they reduced our Principal Loan Balance by close to $82,000 Dollars! I am glad we stayed the course, remained paitent because he told us the Bank will not just roll over, but in the end we couldn’t be happier!”

Mitch and Nancy W.
Minnetonka, MN

“Being a contractor and not the most computer literate (ha), I didn’t want to deal with all these attorney’s, banks, paperwork, etc... Mike Conlon and his staff handled everything from A-Z, He told me if we followed his direction they’d be able to fight our Lender on our behalf, I’m glad I listened to my wife and went with Global Bridge Holdings, he really broke it down in terms a contractor could understand. I would refer him to any of my family, Thanks Mike”

Saunders Construction
St. Petersburg, FL

“Forensic Audit? I thought this was like CSI for my Mortgage. I was skeptical like a lot of people because of the ecomomy and all the Foreclosures. I interviewed Global Bridge Holdings and found them to be very proactive and were aggressively going after Banks and Lenders, I was the perfect candidate since I was very hacked off at my lender, GBH did a 55 page Forensic Audit, with two expert witness’s and a Notary, very impressive report and findings of which we discovered thirteen points of Fraud on our Loan. Mike Conlon guided us through the process and based on the evidence of our Audit we were able to negotiate a hefty settlement with our Bank. Well worth the money spent and in comparison to our outcome,the fee was very reasonable.”

The Kennedy’s
North Carolina

“I was turned down for a traditional loan with Bank of America, I couldn’t get conventional funding anywhere, even though I have excellent credit. The problem was I am self employed and a non W-2’d employee, I had limited options. I was introduced to Mike Conlon by a professional business associate. Global Bridge Holdings was able to get me a Bridge Loan to purchase my Investment Property, the whole process took a total of less than two weeks! The money was sitting at the the Title Company sooner than we were ready to close, I was quite impressed with the speed, precision and total professionalism displayed by Mike and his Associate Curtis. The price,terms, and rate were exactly what they’d quoted me from our initial consultation. Once again start to finish it took a total of 12 days, WOW..I know how hard it is to get a loan in this market, if you haven’t met Mike yet, I suggest you do; he’s a wealth of knowledge and is very well connected.”

Irv K.; J.D.
North Oaks, MN

“It was a pleasure doing business with Mr. Conlon. Not only is he professional, but is agressive as well in regards to his business activities. Throughout the process of obtaining private funding, I came to see Mr. Conlon not only as a good and timely business associate, but as a friend as well. I highly recommend him to anybody seeking private money. I'm sure we will do business again in the future!”

Jacob T, PA, MBA
Tampa, FL

“Mike has a vast knowledge in the Financial Arena. He is a go to guy. You are in good hands when Mike is working with you.”

Larry W.
New York, NY

“I’ve known Mike for about 2 yrs now and I have not one thing to say about this guy that is anything but positive. He is a loyal and trustworthy partner in this industry and has stepped up to the plate each and every time I’ve asked. I would recommend him to my most intimate of relationships w/o worrying one bit about the type of care they would receive.

To sum it up; I’m glad we’ve met both professionally and on a personal level.”

Brandon M.
Tampa, FL

“Mike can be trusted as a consultant as he is always looking for the right solution for those in financial situations. His professionalism along with his understanding of todays markets with his knowledge and expertise makes it easy to work with him.”

Ricky R.
Tampa, FL

“Mike is a wealth of knowledge in the financial world. He has given me good financial advise and helped several colleagues. If I were making financial decisions and needed some advise or services I would contact Mike first.”

Dr. Michael J.
Tampa, FL

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