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Forensic Mortgage Audit

Our focus products consist of a variety of audits, all of which include the name and the credentials of the person doing your audit. It is key that a person who is experienced and qualified complete your audit. In addition to audits, we provide a number of services that include: free consultation and education, expert witnesses, affidavits,training for attorneys, consulting for attorneys, and more. Please contact the case manager that sent you here for more information.

Latest News:

Bank of America to Pay $6.3 Billion to Settle Mortgage Securities Suit

Bank of America is paying $6.3 billion to settle a lawsuit arising out of troubled mortgage-backed securities it cobbled together and sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the run-up to the financial crisis.

The bank agreed on Wednesday to pay that sum to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of the two government-sponsored mortgage finance firms by their regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency. As part of the settlement, Bank of America will also repurchase mortgage securities from Fannie and Freddie that are valued at about $3.2 billion.

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Securitization Audit
This audit is specifically designed for the Quiet Title. In order to have evidence you need to conduct an audit before ordering a Quiet Title. You need to have evidence or just cause to move forward, otherwise you could be filling a frivolous lawsuit. This audit will illustrate the chain of title and review the Loan Application (Form 1003), the Mortgage or Deed of Trust, the Note, RESPA Transferring and Servicing Disclosure and much more. The Audit can be upgraded to an Expanded Securitization Audit with Affidavit.

Expanded Securitization Audit with Affidavit
This 54 page audit and 18 to 20 page affidavit is a large expansion to our current audit and provides an increased section focusing on fraud. We will include everything that is in our securitization audit, plus a section on Robo-signing, current court paperwork, charts for that can be used in trial, an affidavit from our head underwriter covering the findings in the audit and so much more. This product is recommended for attorneys, homeowners that are in foreclosure and homeowners that have been foreclosed on. Included is the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and Prospectus totaling over 500 pages.

Securitization Audit Level 3
This is our best audit and most likely the best audit you can get anywhere. All our auditors involved have held officer positions at the major mortgage banks or lenders. This audit includes all the features of the securitization audit with forensic audit supplement, plus it's litigation ready, incudes a full discovery and research, auditor's resume, auditor affidavit, extensive "Robo-Signing" research, customized legal format and so much more.

This audit also includes "Stop Sale Feature". The auditor contacts the Trustee to arrange a suspension of the sale. In about 50% of these cases, the Trustee cancels the sale altogether. This audit is great for if you have a hearing. An affidavit is also provided once you have a hearing set.

NOTE: This audit includes a complete Prospectus and Pooling and Servicing Agreement and many other features not listed.

Forensic Audit
Our forensic audit is good for litigation discovery. We. All our auditors are highly experienced with many years in the mortgage and securities industry.

A Forensic Mortgage Loan Document Audit is a comprehensive investigation of the documentation in homeowners existing loan(s). We utilize special state and federal mortgage loan post compliance software to calculate and identify violations. We then take these results and compile them into a detailed report for your client to easily read. In addition to software, our highly skilled auditors manually audit your mortgage paperwork for fraud and errors, including forgery, cut and paste, misrepresentation, junk fees, predatory lending, high cost loans, steering and so much more.

The Forensic Mortgage Loan document audit is a significant part of a loan modification request, short sale process, foreclosure defense and a mortgage check up, which we call, “The Mortgage Stress Test”. Most audits performed reveal major violations in TILA (Truth in lending Act), passed in 1968 and The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) passed in 1974. Both Laws are designed to protect consumers in credit transactions by requiring clear disclosures and costs in the terms of their loan. Our audits will reveal any violations in predatory lending, The HOEPA section 32 Act, Usury Act and Real Estate Fraud Violations.

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